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Check this out! My Fab tank with billet lid is made the right way! Everything is 6061 Tig welded with filler rod (not just fused together) out of 1/8 aluminum! Yes! Thats right a billet lid and ring with stainless hardware too! No more plastic marine cap that breaks and sucks ass! This lid and ring can also be used by themselves and replace your exisiting POS one. Also features a large brass drain with handle for fast drains,  and two 3/4 NPT bungs for any size hose you wish to run. You wont be disappointed in your new tank!


  • Tig welded tank with filler rod
  • Billet lid
  • Billet ring with orings on both sides for proper sealing
  • 3/4 NPT brass drain valve with handle
  • Two 3/4 NPT bungs for hose adapters
  • Stainless hardware


Note: Does not come with hoses or fittings. 


Available is a few different color options. As I make them I will post pics. 

Washer fluid adapter coming soon...


Make sure to check all the options! 

    Tank color
    Lid and Ring color